Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taken 2: It's like Taken but with the mom instead of the daughter!! Oh, and also the daughter

Taken was fucking awesome. If Rotten Tomatoes did an aggregate of written words, that would be how the movie is summarized 100% of the time. Which obviously means the studio wants to do a sequel. Which then led to everyone's reaction to be "is his daughter going to get taken again? What a dumb slut."

Well, the trailer has been released and for the first minute I was convinced it was going to be pretty sweet but have the plot be just different enough that it's worth paying to see. Then the mom gets taken and it appears they just did the old copy/paste move from the original screenplay. Maybe, if we're lucky, an intern messed up the keyboard commands and also pasted half of The Hangover 2 right in the middle of it so it's some cool mashup of identical sequels. Or for a throwback comparison, here's Milhouse explaining the plot of both Speed and Speed 2: I couldn't find the video of it.

To be fair, I wrote those two paragraphs when I paused the trailer at the halfway point so just give me a second to watch the rest of it. Yup, no it's the exact same movie. Except I think a producer said "hey, those scenes when Liam threatens people really worked so let's add more phone dialogue!"

Take a look below


Stephen said...

Even if they just re-released the first Taken, and called it Taken 2, I would go see it and not complain.

Ila said...

I mean, I'm totally going to see it, but come on