Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Folks, I'mma be serious for this one. Batman has always been important to me and seeing the finale of the trilogy was a big moment. Lot of weird feelings deep inside that weren't hungry or horny and even some salty deposits came from my eyes. Crossing this one off The List was a bitter sweet moment.

I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night at midnight. Not only that, but the day started at noon with the two Michael Keaton/Tim Burton movies and then at 6pm in the theaters we began Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in succession. I sat in the audience with some of my best friends with whom I had see the other films and countless trailers and articles, and it really felt like a journey was coming to a close. It was surreal.

Watching BB and TDK in theaters again and right after each other made me and my movie-going peers realize just how awesome they really are. We even got into a discussion of whether BB is better than TDK. That may seem silly, but seriously it's an awesome movie and people forget about it.

The crowd was very into it. Clapping and cheering at the start and end of each film. When the real previews began before TDKR moans came with each new preview screen as people readied themselves for the movie to finally begin.

And what a movie. I'll fully admit I wasn't as into the foreplay, if you will, of this film as TDK. The viral campaign for the middle child was unreal and got me so pumped up. Because this one had so much anticipation, I suppose they weren't forced to do such an in-depth marketing campaign to get people interested. All Nolan and co. needed to do was to live up to the hype.

I won't say much because I don't want to even hint at a potential spoiler. I will say that I plan on seeing it in theaters at least once more so I can fully grasp everything going on. The ending is arguably the best I've ever seen, and surely an epic wrap-up to an amazing trilogy.

All the fears around casting decisions, like with fears over Eckhart and Ledger before, were completely wiped out. Everything was perfection. It has a different pacing and it's probably even darker than the others, but in the end you'll walk out feeling speechless and satisfied. Just like how I like my women.

Before the premier an employee of the theater came out and gave out prizes for people answering trivia questions about the movies. One question was this: Nolan has one-word themes for all three movies; can you name them? The answer was fear, chaos, and pain. But I disagree. After seeing this movie I think the central theme is hope.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Seeing as this movie's been out for a while I'm sure I'm not saying anything new. I highly recommend Ted and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark Wahlberg can literally do no wrong ever since that movie Shooter. Mila Kunis is as hot as ever (except she always had on way too much make-up, even in those just-got-out-of-the-shower scenes). Sweet guest spots added to Ted, instead of detracted from like in That's My Boy. 

Even though I've never been a Seth McFarlane fan in terms of animation, the man is definitely talented and his directorial debut is worth seeing this summer!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Rome with a Woody

To Rome with Love, Woody Allen's newest European romp following his hit and very entertaining Midnight in Paris, was an enjoyable visit through different love stories in the Eternal City. A stacked cast of Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, Woody, Penelope Cruz, and Roberto Benigni.

The love stories don't take a Love, Actually twist and end up being intertwined, yet each does showcase a different dilemma or aspect of love relationships. There's the newlywed couple, the old couple, the newly engaged couple, and a prostitute (guess who plays that role).

The audience make-up was noticeably older, especially coming from a showing of Spiderman directly before it. I couldn't help but think of the arguments made about the demographics of movies the article from Salon covered. It basically discusses the arguments that the younger demographic isn't seeing movies as much because so many are coming out but that makes the movie companies increase prices which forces the younger audiences away even more. They point to movies that are geared toward adults as being profitable, just as long as they're good and new enough to make adults go to the theaters to see them. Paris and Rome both fit that latter description.

The scenery of Rome and the many conversations spoken completely in Italian do add a lovely feel to the film and makes you long to visit the city. If you like Woody Allen type films and want to try a movie that isn't a sequel or remake, check out To Rome with Love.

Amazing Spiderman

First up in my double movie day I saw the reboot of Spiderman. I don't have much to add beyond what everyone else has said and knows: it's a duplicate of the first origan story. However, I think that those who didn't like Tobey's take would enjoy Andrew Garfield's. Plus Emma Stone is always going to win out over Kirsten Dunst. Add in Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Rhys Ifans, and Dennis Leary, and baby, you got yourself a stew going!

Literally, everything was identical to the first. They set up Andy as a dork in high school after his earlier years of going to live with his Uncle and Aunt following a break in at his dad's scientific research office. He gets bitten and wakes up uncertain of why he is acting so strangely. Goes to school and gets revenge on the school bully. The mentor he was confiding science gobbledigook ends up being the bad guy he's chasing. 

I can't believe I'm admitting this but some scenes did get me to tear up so that has to speak to something. Maybe when the city of New York banded together to help Spidey it just reminded me so much of the ending to Ghostbusters 2 when everyone sings along with Lady Liberty so the pink goo goes away that I couldn't contain myself. 

It is entertaining though so you won't be disappointed at all but if you're going to be bothered but the similarities you may want to hold your money till it comes to video.

Monday, July 9, 2012

An interesting read...

...if anyone cares to read about theories on why adults don't go to the movies as much.

Does Hollywood Hate Adults

Your Sister's Sister's brother's former roommate

Your Sister's Sister was a preview I saw before Safety Not Guaranteed, both starring Mark Duplass. I enjoyed Safety so much (in particular Duplass's performance) that I really wanted to see Sister. This is the first film of the summer that has exceeded expectations for me. I laughed, I cried, I literally did both these things, and I highly recommend it.

This film is what Lola Versus attempted to be. The reason it succeeded was because it felt more realistic by simplifying itself, whereas Lola tried to be too young and deal with too many issues. Perhaps it was the small cast of only 3 or perhaps it's because we were watching how grown ups deal with issues, but everything felt genuine. Even though the specifics of the plot may not happen to everyone in their lifetime, the conversations and relationship interactions have. Even the drunk conversation was as if they recorded a man and woman talking about an ex over a bottle of tequila and then had Duplass and Rosemarie DeWitt reenact it. I'm sure the improvisational manner the movie was filmed in added to the authenticity from its stars.

The sweet theater at Coolidge Corner showing Your Sister's Sister
The plot revolves around Jack (Duplass) taking his best friend (Emily Blunt) up on an offer to clear his head at her dad's cabin after his shitty year since his brother's death. When he gets there, he meets and then sleeps with Blunt's half sister. Turns out Blunt is in love with Duplass so obviously this creates conflict. Duplass once again is the guy next door who wins you over with his smile and charm. The ladies also do a wonderful job without crossing over into either the whiney or crazy spectrums.

Also awesome: Birbigs!! It's no secret that I've been following comic Mike Birbiglia since his first Comedy Central special and have seen him live throughout the country at least a dozen times. It was awesome to see him act in a role more beyond a waiter in Cedar Rapids (and I'm very excited to see his movie, Sleepwalk With Me later this summer!). He was also involved in the making of the movie, which I'm sure added to my enjoyment.

It's not in many theaters, but if you have the time, I highly suggest checking out Emily, Mark, Mike, and Rosemarie in Your Sister's Sister.