Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

After a string of indie films, my boyfriend and I decided on a cross-country movie date involving something a little more summer-y and easy going on the mind: Snow White and the Huntsman.

Not much to say except that it's what you'd expect. Some major plot holes that you just have to say "oh well" to otherwise there wouldn't be a movie. Cute spins on the original story (although in my head I kept getting the different damsel folklore mixed up and thinking I was watching Red Riding Hood).

My main problem was the emphasis on White's "innocence" being the downfall of the evil queen. There were lots of other really sweet, innocent girls in the film that the queen easily overcame and by the end of the movie White was kissing dudes and stabbing people, so they kind of just glossed over what made her special aside from just telling us that she is.

Another change from the indies is the run time! The movie clocks in at 127 minutes and add in all the previews (which were way sweeter than watching the same Kendall Square previews for the third day in a row) and you're in the theater closer to 3 hours than 2.

Bottom line is: Chris Hemsworth is sweet, Kristen Stewart looks confused/scared a lot, Charlize is gorgeous, and the movie's entertaining enough to get you out of the summer heat for a couple hours.

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