Sunday, June 17, 2012

That's My Boy

Oh man, I could not have been more excited when I heard my two Jewish loves were going to be in one movie. It was like The Michael Showalter Showalter had come true:

Originally titled "I Hate You, Dad" the film follows Sandler attempting to reconnect with his son, Samberg. The plot's gold and the two guys are solid. The film was shot in Boston and the opening scene takes place at Somerville High School in MA (site of my MTEL testing!). That connection immediately made me feel good about it. It also helped ease the fact that two different CVS's didn't have any peach Snapple (get your act together, CVS).

I think the film faltered in the supporting cast. The movie was very similar in the character types from Wedding Crashers and could have done better if it tried to be more heartfelt with comedic talent surrounding the two leading men (Rachel McAdams vs Leighton Meester, Grandma in WC (who was the old lady in Wedding Singer, what!) vs Grandma in TMB, weird brother and in-laws vs weird brother and in-laws). The chemistry was great for the duo, especially when you mixed in other SNL alums, Will Forte and Rachel Dratch. 

The film dragged on and could have benefitted from shortened montages. What kept it fresh was the various cameos. First up was Rex Ryan. He did a surprisingly great job acting with good timing and realistic conversational skills. Vanilla Ice on the other hand was awful. Really awkward and honestly just stupid. For a brief moment the movie combined with Dickie Roberts to be about washed up 80's stars and one Dickie Roberts is enough. My fellow Jersey girl, Susan Sarandon, looked fabulous and successfully pulled off the hot MILF vibe they were going for.

As a wrap up, it's another Sandler film. Don't go in with great expectations, but if you like him then you'll enjoy the film. He'll be his endearing self once again in a little while.

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