Saturday, June 16, 2012

My start in movies

My whole life I've always been the person that knows the "name of that actor that was in that know the one...with the hair!" I read gossip blogs, not for the gossip, but for the information. I quote and reference more than I come up with original dialogue (approximately). Today, while on a cross-country movie date, I was sitting in the theater waiting for not only the movie, but anything on the screen to begin, and it gave me time to just sit and think. I've had many friends tell me  I should do something involving writing about movies since I know so much about the actors, their lives, the movies, everyone involved, and so on. So as I sat there, thinking about my lack of a job and yet another funemployed summer heading my way, I thought of all the movies and television I want to see. That's when I realized I should try my hand at writing about what I know. It'll be a way to justify seeing so many films and also give me a chance to see whether I really do enjoy writing about the things I read about so often. Hence, this blog will not only be an attempt to critique the films but to also monitor my thoughts, observations, and opinions about the industry.

As I write this entry I am having a text conversation with my boyfriend*. I had told him I wanted to see the other Mark Dupless film (the first being the one I just saw, Safety Not Guaranteed). This is how the conversation went:
"The Other Sister?"
"No, My Sister's Sister, with Emily Blunt."
"Ha right. I just thought it was called the other sister for some reason"
"Ha that's the one were Juliet Lewis has down syndrome and marries Giovani Ribisi."

That's a pretty typical conversation for us.

But I digress.

I want to accomplish two things with this blog. The first, to keep track of the movies I've seen and want to see in the summer of o'12. The second, see how much I like writing and see if I can't still figure out what I want to do with my life.

*My boyfriend is much smarter than me in everything about movies.

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