Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take This Bush

Ok, the actual title is Take This Waltz but there were so many full frontal scenes that I took some blogtistic liberties. If you want a total, I'll say it's more than once you see Michelle Williams totes nekkid and that's basically all you need to know about how many times. Throw in a gym shower scene with Sarah Silverman and lots of old woman and I pretty much cancelled out any good mental images from Magic Mike.

The movie was a major disappointment. My problem with all these indie, arthouse films is that to make the leading lady seem interesting they end up going too far and just make her really awkward and weird. Here, Michelle Williams plays wife to Seth Rogan but falls for her neighbor. For two hours the lovahs dance (OH I GET THE TITLE NOW) the fine line between physical and emotional adultery.

Good for Seth Rogan, though, because he does a great job. Any scene without him was absolutely contrived and lagged. TWO old women, not together, walked out during a scene with the two lovahs describing how they would bang each other. Good think they didn't stick around for any of the actual love scenes.

I knew the movie would be heavy going in but that's not what bothered me. IT WAS SO SLOW! Seriously, all I looked forward to was Seth's goofy laugh.

Definitely pass on this one unless you feel like watching some spotlight swimming and Michelle Williams go to the bathroom a bunch of times.

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