Friday, August 10, 2012

The Amazing Mission Bourne Legacy Man Impossible

There have been many reboots and sequels this summer including a duplicate Spiderman, the third Nolan Batman, Ice Age, Men in Black and so on. The reboot of the Bourne series, The Bourne Legacy sees Jeremy Renner takes the lead and Rachel Weisz as his scared, female sidekick.

Amazingly, the commercials tell you literally every plot point of the movie. Backlash over the CIA's failure to kill Jason Bourne lead Edward Norton to "burn to the ground" the other, similar programs (hence the scene with all the agents getting bloody noses). Rachel was the doctor who escapes a shooting spree aimed at eliminating everyone who knows or was involved about the program*, codenamed Alscot or something stupid like that.

I felt the beginning was a bit contrived in just getting as many CIA looking dudes in a room to have them all fast talk about codewords that mean nothing to the audience. Ed Norton's sweet though, so I didn't mind it as much. Once Jeremy and Rachel team up the movie is much more entertaining. The action scenes were pretty good and the pace and plot were fast.

My one problem was the government sends in an agent in ANOTHER program (LARX) with the description of having more training with less of the emotional crazy that Tredstone had, or something, I forget. They never effing fought! Why would you build up the fact that Aaron is basically an X-Men (man?) and that the other guy is more trained and then not actually have them fight? UGH. Of course, Rachel has some involvement that's supposed to make you go "Yeah! You go gurl!" but immediately falls off the motorcycle and Aaron has to help her. Jimminy Jillikers! As a woman, I would have been perfectly content to watch Aaron jujitsu his ass instead.

But whatever, all in all it's worth checking out and if they continue the franchise I'll be more than happy to watch Renner. I'm glad his career's doing so well and he's certainly making a name for himself in the action category with his stints in Mission Impossible 4 and The Avengers. Hopefully he mixes in some serious roles which made me think he was a creepster like with The Town. If they're ever able to get back the former director, Paul Greengrass,  Matt Damon has said he'd also come back. Jeremy and Matt together would be a fucking awesome sequel that probably no one would complain about.

"What are you doing over there? Can I help? I'm a doctor so I can help if you want. Jimminy Jillikers!"

*Now obviously, the shooting at the Dark Knight Rises premier was tragic. It's amazing how studios respond to events like that, though. The studio behind Ryan Gosling's upcoming gangster movie, Gangster Squad, decided a scene in which a theater is shot up would be in poor taste and are thusly reshooting some parts and pushing back the release date. Similarly, Ben Stiller's latest, The Watch, was originally titled Neighborhood Watch but was renamed in the wake of Trayvon Martin. Whether these are necessary changes or are being done as a veiled attempt at honoring the victims and survivors is a point of conversation. Do these types of gestures really do anything or are they simply trying to cover their asses from the people looking to sue for emotional duress (who do exist and are suing WB for the Aurora masacre)? Anyway, there's a shooting spree at the medical facility in Bourne and the masterminds behind it were the United States government. I haven't heard any people causing an uproar about this scene which seems even more controversial than Gangster Squad's due to the fact that the government was behind it and used the "lone gunman" as a cover. As cheesy as this is, it reminded me of The Joker's speech in The Dark Knight when he tells Harvey Dent that no one gets upset when things "go according to plan" such as a roadside bomb killing soldiers in the Middle East, or more relavent, a lone gunman who seemed normal suddenly snaps and kills innocent people. Are we at the point where movies that place the CIA in the role of genocidal puppetmasters considered part of the plan? As an aside from my aside, I always thought it was good of Nolan not to alter the scene of The Joker in a body bag in TDK. Many thought he would get rid of it due to the actor's death prior to the release, but he said nay. Getting rid of a scene like that wouldn't have honored his memory or done anything to change what happened to Heath. The real honor is presevering the movie he worked so hard on.

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