Sunday, August 12, 2012

AV Club discussion on expectations

So obviously this article interests me for two reasons. One being that the question posed focused on That's My Boy. Secondly, it deals with the idea of how expectations effect your feelings of a movie, but specifically negative intentions letting you enjoy it more.

Here's the topic posed:
I recently went against the collective criticism/evisceration of Adam Sandler’s recent film That’s My Boy, and saw it with a date who was a longtime Sandler fan. The critics were absolutely right about what to expect with this film: poor writing, insensitive gags, and the usual Sandler travesty. What I didn’t expect were the genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Mind you, none of it was Sandler, but rather the quick, smaller bits provided by Happy Madison’s usual crew. If I had to guess, I was pleasantly surprised because I’d already accepted that I’d hate the film, and my experience could only go up from there. I’ve heard of people being let down due to hype and anticipation, but rarely do I hear of people feeling the opposite. To this day, I’m not sure whether I was laughing at or with That’s My Boy. I’m no longer with that girl, but she did make the point of money being well-spent, because I laughed during what was meant as a comedy. So have you ever had a pop-culture experience elevated mainly due to the immense negativity attached to it? —Hanajun

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