Monday, July 9, 2012

Your Sister's Sister's brother's former roommate

Your Sister's Sister was a preview I saw before Safety Not Guaranteed, both starring Mark Duplass. I enjoyed Safety so much (in particular Duplass's performance) that I really wanted to see Sister. This is the first film of the summer that has exceeded expectations for me. I laughed, I cried, I literally did both these things, and I highly recommend it.

This film is what Lola Versus attempted to be. The reason it succeeded was because it felt more realistic by simplifying itself, whereas Lola tried to be too young and deal with too many issues. Perhaps it was the small cast of only 3 or perhaps it's because we were watching how grown ups deal with issues, but everything felt genuine. Even though the specifics of the plot may not happen to everyone in their lifetime, the conversations and relationship interactions have. Even the drunk conversation was as if they recorded a man and woman talking about an ex over a bottle of tequila and then had Duplass and Rosemarie DeWitt reenact it. I'm sure the improvisational manner the movie was filmed in added to the authenticity from its stars.

The sweet theater at Coolidge Corner showing Your Sister's Sister
The plot revolves around Jack (Duplass) taking his best friend (Emily Blunt) up on an offer to clear his head at her dad's cabin after his shitty year since his brother's death. When he gets there, he meets and then sleeps with Blunt's half sister. Turns out Blunt is in love with Duplass so obviously this creates conflict. Duplass once again is the guy next door who wins you over with his smile and charm. The ladies also do a wonderful job without crossing over into either the whiney or crazy spectrums.

Also awesome: Birbigs!! It's no secret that I've been following comic Mike Birbiglia since his first Comedy Central special and have seen him live throughout the country at least a dozen times. It was awesome to see him act in a role more beyond a waiter in Cedar Rapids (and I'm very excited to see his movie, Sleepwalk With Me later this summer!). He was also involved in the making of the movie, which I'm sure added to my enjoyment.

It's not in many theaters, but if you have the time, I highly suggest checking out Emily, Mark, Mike, and Rosemarie in Your Sister's Sister.

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