Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slightly delayed Monday suggestion...

I didn't want to admit this publicly, but I totally knew I'd forget to post a Monday post. I only realized it after I posted the previous post where I not so #humblebragged about Chris Messina.

Anyway, this week's suggestion is Rushmore. The second film from writer/director Wes Anderson, Rushmore is often overshadowed by Anderson's follow-up movie, The Royal Tenenbaums (definitely worth a re-watch if it's been a while. Or if you've just seen it. Actually go watch it right after Rushmore).

Co-written by Owen Wilson (as was Bottle Rockets, his first film, and the aforementioned 'baums), this film has the beginnings of the all-star cast that will become a staple of Anderson films.

Rushmore is a perfect film for people that consider themselves Andersonphilias because it simultaneously gives you a new and familiar feeling. You can see that stylisticly it will become the movies you've come to love, but it's still the early stages. Even the actors appear far younger than what you're used to. Schwartzman, the bitter lover in Darjeeling Limited is playing a love smitten school boy. And it's his scenes with Bill Murphy that really make it a joy to watch.

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